The 32blit (yes, the certificate is expired) is an adorable handheld console, from the folks at Pimoroni.

With a surprisingly powerful processor, a beautiful (and generously sized!) screen, all the controls you could want and what has become a very well polished toolchain, it's comfortably the best thing I've ever backed on Kickstarter.

As with DragonRuby, the toolchain makes it easy to build to Windows, MacOS, Linux and browser targets - this makes development a lot easier, and I always try to publish at least desktop versions, but the focus has to always be the real, physical device.

More people should own one.

While I have a lot of grand plans (and several half-started projects) for huge, deep and complex games, the things that actually got finished are more modest in scale. Despite this, people have actually downloaded (and, one hopes, enjoyed!) them so it's definitely worth pushing on with more.

The Hub

A combination of conversations on the official 32blit Discord and the very kind donation of the perfect domain name, BlitHub was born as a community repository for games.

Future plans include supporting the PicoSystem as well as the 32blit, and lots of other cool features but it has a lot in common with my other 32blit-based projects so lives in a permanent state of part-finished.

The Games

A fairly classical breakout clone; this was the first properly finished game I build for the 32blit. Destroy all the bricks, move on to the next level. There are 10 levels, after which you return to the start at an ever increasing speed.

If you want to peek, you can always see (and change!) the levels (along with the rest of the source) on Github. You'll notice that there are distinct levels for the PicoSystem build, because of the different aspect ratio on that device.

Sokoblit is very much a work-in-progress, which I initially started building as a way to fiddle with tile maps and their scaling features. The gameplay is pretty much there but then I hit (one of) my Achilles' Heel of game development, namely the problem of level design.

I didn't want to just wholesale copy a load of classic Sokoban levels, so I tried my hand and designing my own. It's ... frustrating, and time consuming, and the whole thing got parked. It's available as an Alpha release on Blithub, but has not yet made it to itch.io because, well, it's not finished.

I should probably get back that!