Website Collection
Website Collection

Other Websites

Over the years I seem to have acquired quite a collection of websites; as with all development, they tend to live in a constant state of flux, as I keep finding new and interesting technologies to play with!


The latest addition to the collection, is a place I'm using to record my thoughts about jigsaw puzzles I do.

Mostly, this is because I accidentally bought a massive pile of puzzles from eBay and wanted to try and keep track of them - partly to remember which brands I particularly like/hate and partly to try to avoid ending up being the same puzzles again (only one duplicate so far!)


As mentioned in the 32blit section, is intended as a central repository of games for both the 32blit device and it's little brother, the PicoSystem.

This is one of those sites that was thrown together in haste to keep up with the release of the console, and has since languished somewhat. It has a long list of features to add and remains at the top of the 'sort this out' list.

Mamta's Kitchen was pretty much the first website I ever built, back in 2001(!) - it's a popular collection of (mostly) family (mostly) Indian recipes (at last count, something over 1700 of them).

Originally built in PHP3 (hey, I told you it was old) it's been through many iterations.

Pete Drinks

Originally launched as a bit of a side project on Kavey Eats, is my intermittent drinks blog. Initially it was focused on beer, but later expanded to include coffee and whisky and who knows what other drink in the future.

It's not been updated for a while (pretty much since we moved to Wales), but having just been to Islay again I'm feeling inspired to get back into the saddle!