...and the rest

Magpie-like, I tend to pick up anything shiny, play with it for a bit and then get distracted by something even shinier. So these things tend to fall into the void, but I should probably give them a brief burst of immortality here...

  • RPG In A Box is a really, really cool idea that I've singularly failed to spend any time with. Another cross-platform game toolkit, this one is geared specfically at RPG-style games and has an absolute ton of stuff built in.

  • The Rover; after coming across this [amazing robotics board] (https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/kitronik-robotics-board-for-raspberry-pi-pico) I have amassed a collection of motors and wheels and sensors and batteries and solar panels, and grand ideas of building a fully autonomous rover.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, this remains a box of parts.